Our Charity


Here at The Paperie we have a precious family member affected by Mitochondrial Disease. Through our business we raise money for the Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in an effort to help them continue searching for a cure and research into this debilitating disease.

One small step we have taken to help raise funds is every time you pay our account using your credit card we match the credit card surcharge fee levied on that payment with a donation to the MITO foundation. In a small way we hope this helps make you feel just a little better about paying the fee when you pay by card (please remember if you would like fee free payment, EFT/direct credit to our bank account is free). On top of this small contribution, we also raise significant funds for the MITO foundation from our business and also by our participation in MITO Fund raisers like ‘The Bloody Long Walk’.

Just briefly Mitochondrial Disease is a genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy. Over time this can cause multiple organ dysfunction and potentially death. Mitochondria are the energy source in almost every cell in our body. They are most plentiful in tissues that require a lot of energy to function and therefore damage is most common to the brain, heart, muscles, liver, inner ear and eyes.